About Us

As a member of the WLA, our duty is not only to grow sales and return to good goals but to facilitate responsible play. This year, we adopted the Responsible Game Principles and Responsible Game Framework that aims to protect the lottery players we hold. This effort and commitment ensures not only that our public is protected but also that income can be maintained for the public good. In this section you will find the Responsible Game Principles and all supporting documents for the Responsible Game Framework.

Doing the right thing for the players and the wider community has made Corporate Social Responsibility, specifically the Responsible Principles and Framework, a priority for us.

As a state-controlled game operator, we always play a leadership role in handling responsible game issues. This year, members request associations to develop more specific requirements relating to social responsibility in general and for games that are specifically responsible.

The response came when we formalized its practices in Corporate Social Responsibility by adopting the Responsible Game Principles and Responsible Game Framework that aimed to protect lottery players.

This effort and commitment will ensure that we are protected and income for the public good is sustainable.

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